My passion for photography started in my school days back in the 80’s. I was taught good habits by my mentor that I still apply today.  He also introduced me to processing my own images from film negatives in a makeshift darkroom. Old School – the hard way! Back in the day you couldn't shoot hundreds of pics and hope for a “good” shot, you only had 36 exposures (maybe 2 rolls of film) so you had to get it right first time in camera. Since those days I've continually been making images and of course migrated from film to digital. I’ve been lucky enough to do photoshoots across all genres of photography but decided to hone and polish my skillset within the demanding and technically intricate product photography sector.
 I am certified in Adobe Lightroom and proficient with Photoshop, meaning as photographer and retoucher I am able to deliver a complete package. 
I love what I do, but way more than that, there is nothing better than presenting my clients with a professionally delivered portfolio.
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